The Idea

It was the charming music of Bebo & Cigala, an exotic fusion of Cuban rhythms and flamenco vocals that initially sparked a light for the project and inspired Oriana and Ivan to create their own fusion duet in Spring 2012.

Skilled in their own fields, Oriana and Ivan took on the challenge of merging each other's music, classical on one side and Balkan-flamenco on the other. The result is V&F, a unique collection of pieces which reflect the individual styles they appreciate and enjoy.

The name Vino & Forte was chosen for its dual interpretation. Forte is an Italian music dynamic symbol for 'strength' and also a derivative in French meaning a person's particular skill. As for Vino, the duo are delighted to promote and serve a local wine for every performance with the aim of creating a relaxed concert environment.

Weaving their individual styles and compositions into a swirl of classical and Balkan-flamenco sounds, Vino & Forte perform on request across British Columbia and beyond with an array of harmonious music dating from the 17th century to the present day.


Ivan TucakovIvanwas born in Belgrade, Serbia, where he first developed an interest in guitar and studied under the Berkley School of Music curriculum. In 1998, Ivan moved to Vancouver and made the decision to pursue a career in computer science. He graduated with an honors degree in Computer Science and Physics at the University of British Columbia.

With a desire to maintain music in his life, Ivan then formed the Tambura Rasa collective with the aim of expanding the boundaries of world-fusion music. He studied flamenco guitar in Granada Spain, collaborating with flamenco singer David Soroche, Indian sarod player Anupam Shobhakar, Indian tabla player Neelamjit Dhillon and Juno award-winning producer Chin Injeti.

Ivan has since released five collections of original compositions, influenced by Indian classical to Turkish, Balkan and flamenco music.  He has produced electronic mixes, some of which were released on the European Cafe del Mar lounge compilations.

In addition to the Tambura Rasa ensemble, which has toured across Canada over the years, Ivan collaborates with string quartets, flamenco dance troupes and various guest artists during his live shows. Tambura Rasa's 2014 album "Arribada" was nominated for Best World Music Recording of the year for the 2015 West Canadian Music Awards (WCMA).

Oriana WhiteOrianawas internationally raised in England, Dubai, Japan and Singapore. Her mother Masako White, an RCM professional violinist, initially introduced Oriana to the violin at the age of 5 but noticed a natural interest in piano and subsequently enrolled her for piano lessons when she turned 9 years old. Within five years Oriana had achieved Distinction for the Performer's Certificate in Pianoforte from Trinity College London.

Living in Singapore from 1991 to 2000, Oriana continued to win first place in local piano competitions and participated in various public events including the Singapore Annual Piano Marathons organised by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO).

Academically, Oriana excelled in mathematics and technical drawing, which inspired her to follow a career in architecture. With a particular interest in designing performance spaces and their acoustics, she chose to study at Cardiff University (U.K.) and graduated with honors in 2006.

Inspired by the natural beauty of Canadian province British Columbia, Oriana moved to Vancouver in 2010 where she enjoys the balance of both architecture and music in her life. She currently works professionally as Project Designer for GA Studio Inc. but also maintains her passions for music by producing collaborative concerts and performing for Vino & Forte as well as Tambura Rasa.

In her spare time, Oriana loves composing and entertaining for special events and fundraisers across the province such as the 17th Annual Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Ball and the Canuck Place Children's Hospice 20th Anniversary.